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When you’re an introvert, networking can be nerve-wracking.


Great reasons to get out from behind the safety of hiding behind your computer and meet people at an event.


Yesterday I attended the Small Business Expo – Shindig for GC Small Business Week at Gold Coast Innovation Hub.


Despite my feeling nervous before the event, I went along anyway.


And had a blast!


5 benefits of attending networking events:


  1. Grow your network – if you want to be successful then you’re going to need help, and you’re going to need people TO help. I met some fun business owners last night


Shout out to Sam Coen, Charles McArthur, Luciane Sperling.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone – the fastest way to grow as a human being


  1. Practice your pitch – networking events are the one place where you’re expected to answer “so, what do you do?”. Super helpful and you can help others improve their pitches too.


  1. Discover cool workspaces – I enjoyed checking out the Gold Coast Innovation Hub. I also learned that the Hub hosts free coworking “Jelly” days so I’ll be back soon!


  1. It’s fun! – Shift your focus and energy away from yourself and onto having fun with others, then your experience shifts. What you focus on expands.


How often do you go to networking events?